Sales channel integration: Seashop

Seamless integration of the webshop with a large assortment on different sales channels and with automated administration

Kenneth Bonte

Kenneth Bonte

Ecommerce architect

Achieving more sales online requires good coordination and integration of platforms

In the digital age, companies like SeaShop have become increasingly dependent on various online tools and software to keep their operations running smoothly. From inventory management to accounting, from marketplaces to your own webshop, and from advertising programs to customer service. Every aspect of an online business requires a specific tool. But with so many different programs in use, there are some crucial questions:

How do you choose the right sales channels for your business? How can all these sales systems work together harmoniously and efficiently? How do you ensure optimal automation? 

Integration is the key word

Optimized collaboration between these programs or sales channels not only streamlines your business processes. You save time in the number of actions you have to perform thanks to good automation.

Time is money. It will give you the chance to focus on what you really enjoy doing.

Integrations provide significant gains in terms of time, costs and efficiency.

In this case we show you how we went about tackling the challenges associated with setting up an online environment.

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About the customer

A webshop in full growth is the ultimate destination for marine enthusiasts looking for high-quality nautical supplies. Whether you need life rafts, life jackets, EPIRBs, navigation instruments or marine-grade clothing, Seashop has something for everyone. 

Their wide range of nautical treasures is ready to be discovered on their webshop various online sales channels as, Ebay Amazon, Google or Decathlon.

We are proud to present the collaboration between Axel and the Seashop Team, who have created an inspiring maritime adventure from the port of Nieuwpoort.

Webshop strategy

Much more than a 'regular' webshop

During the collaboration with it became clear that it was not just about building a new Magento webshop. 

It was essential to largely manage the huge catalog automate to increase efficiency

That's why we used the advanced Akeneo PIM (Product Information Management) system to manage the products and catalog in a user-friendly way. 

The integration with Channable enabled Seashop to offer the products not only on their own webshop, but also on leading platforms such as, Amazon, Google and Decathlon, while management remained central.

integration of sales channels

Thanks to good integration, we achieved more reach, more sales and less administration.

Webshop strategy

Seamless integration of sales channels

The result was an optimal collaboration of the range on different sales channels, where Seashop was able to increase its presence and reach customers on multiple platforms. 

Order management has been optimized by it automatically synchronize of all orders with the Octopus accounting program

This streamlined the process and gave Seashop the space to focus on what they do best: providing excellent service and quality boating equipment to their customers.

Large webshop easy to manage with a small team


We have created a tailor-made solution that enables Seashop to remain as one of the leaders in the industry grow and excel. By combining our expertise in web development and automation, we have created a solid base laid for Seashop to continue its mission: to provide marine enthusiasts with the finest nautical products and an unparalleled shopping experience.

Optimal integrations for your webshop?

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