Simplify your accounting and administration

Thanks to our easy integration with most Belgian accounting programs, all that daily administration is a thing of the past.

We automate your administration of your webshop

Automate your webshop administration today.

Save a huge amount of time by simplifying your administration and connecting your website to your accounting system (or your bookkeeper's accounting system)

B2B Invoices

Invoice is automatically created, forwarded to the accounting program and forwarded to the customer!

Also works with POS systems

Do you also have a physical store? We ensure that your webshop runs smoothly in tandem.

B2C via cash book!

Simplify your bookkeeping by working in your webshop via a digital cash book.

Send via the PEPPOL network

Make it even easier for your customers and send them the invoice via PEPPOL.

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We integrate Magento and Woocommerce with various accounting programs

Integrate with the most popular accounting packages in Belgium

We connect with most Belgian accounting programs and pre-accounting systems.
Both for WordPress Woocommerce and Magento webshops!

Accounting programs

Suitable for Belgian accounting: Accowin Online, Billit, Exact Online, MYBREEX, Octopus, Yuki

Local Accounting Programs

Accowin, Adsolut, Expert/M, Topaccount, Winbooks, Wings,....

Pre accounting systems

Clearfacts, OkiOki, Biltobox,...

POS systems

Can also be linked to your POS system. To date: :PlusKassa, Posworld, Touch Systems.

For Magento and WordPress

These integrations are available for both our WordPress Woocommerce and Magento customers

Simplify your online B2C sales with

The digital daily receipts book and cash book

With Scrada you can keep track of your online sales in a digital daily receipts and cash book
in accordance with legislation and easily exchange them with your accountant.

Automate your webshop accounting

The Woocommerce and Magento integration that is a must for every growing webshop.