Your own member management tool and member website in one

Efficiently managing your members is crucial to the growth of your organization.
With our platform, tailored to your membership organization, you can spend more time on the quality of membership and relationships with your members.
Managing your members is fun

Give to your members!

Invest your time in your members, not in your administration

2 solutions in 1

Top reasons to upgrade

Are you looking for software to help you manage members and/or a website like member platform?
A member platform where members also have the freedom to join, renew and upgrade?

Different membership types

Set prices and conditions, create login, account and thank you pages for your users for the different packages.

Automated Member Management

Sit back and relax under the safety of automatic billing.

Pay online

Never miss a sale because you didn't offer the correct payment method. Accept Bancontact, credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay,...

Paywalls and tastemakers

A paywall is a great way to generate additional income or to have a good reason to join your organization.

Customized content

Give extra downloads to visitors or hide ads depending on the type of visitor.

Release time-limited content

Keep your content compelling and keep your members' interest alive. Time-controlled content releases and content access expiration dates put you in total control.

Community and communication

Members grow closer? Make your website a place where members come together and work together.

Mailin List Link

Seamlessly connects your member database to your favorite and most popular mailing lists on the market.

Offer member benefits in your webshop

Give member discounts for all products, some products or certain product categories in your webshop.

Mikado Team behind the scenes

Strategic and Technical Support

We don't just build your solution.
Our experts are happy to advise strategically on how to grow your organization and member portal.

Upgrade your member management

  • To spare on time and money with automated workflows.
  • More 'value for money' for membership with a tailor-made member platform/website.
  • Integrate your member database with your website, webshop, newsletter and other systems…
Meet Douglas, Digital Advisor to the nonprofit

Can't see the forest for the trees anymore?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution that fits every membership organization. I help you find the right digital solution that is in line with your organization.

Non-profit IT specialist