Boost your business with our digital solutions

Digitize your workflow with your customers.
Simplify administration with your colleagues.
From daily problems to a useful solution.

Marketing platform and generate leads online

A website that can expand and grow as you want

Want to build a website that really works for the needs of our organization? Optimize an existing website? We really enjoyed that.

Discover our solutions to turn your website into a success story.

Expanding the website further

Cost-efficient and targeted growth

Managing a website does not have to cost a lot of budget. We offer cost-efficient solutions tailored to your organization.

Both for starters and takeovers

Are you taking your first steps as a starter? Or have you had a website for years? We know what to do with that.

Independent management without much technical knowledge

Even if you have little or no technical knowledge, you can still manage your website independently using our solutions.

Measuring performance

With our customized real-time dashboards you can keep track of performance and make targeted adjustments to your actions.

Marketing optimizations

Ensure a good inflow of new customers. Better conversion? Use search engines effectively. Make your communication efforts really pay off.

Smart links

Thanks to smart plug-ins you can manage contacts, sell your products online,...

Sell your products online

Want to start or improve your own webshop?

We all buy online. From the own website of our favorite retailer (such as Zalando). Even on online marketplaces such as or amazon. But how do you approach this when starting up your online store? How do you optimize your online store so that more people will buy your products? 

Our e-commerce solutions will certainly help you.

Ecommerce solutions

Efficient inventory and product management

How can we efficiently manage product information across multiple channels? How do we ensure efficient inventory management?


Numerous options for integration with content management systems, such as your own website, inventory management systems,...

Cost-effective solutions for starters

Once the integrations are ready, there are many solutions with low prices and even free. We know our way around that.

Easily sell on international marketplaces?

Easily offer your products on platforms such as amazon, shopify,,...

Scalable online store for larger organizations

Manage multiple stores from one system? Expand internationally? Payments in multiple currencies?

Want to increase the visibility of your online store?

How can you reach more customers through strong marketing and communication? How do you ensure that you are found better via Google?

For member organizations and subscription management

Member management and member portal

No more administrative hassle, follow-up emails and excel files. Invest time in the quality of the membership and the relationships instead of the administration. Digitize your operations both in front of and behind the scenes.

Automated Member Management

Membership website with automated member management and payment module.

Offer member benefits

Automatically provide discounts or other benefits to logged in users.

Paywalls and tastemakers

Make visitors want to become a member by making parts of the protected information public.

Member environment on your website

Provides a member portal with services and information for your members.

Managing your members is fun

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Learning platform

Turn your site into a learning environment that meets the needs of your teachers and students. Manage everything yourself or hand over all the reins to the teachers.

Create full lesson packages

Offer complete learning paths to your students with certificates, downloads, assignments and test moments.

Sell classes or subscriptions

Sell your lesson packages in the form of a product or a subscription. Accept online payments and automatically renew membership.

Test and follow your students

Test your students' progress and maintain control and overview of courses and how students are performing.

Manage your own learning environment

Give groups the opportunity to work in a self-directed way on the learning platform. Different types of groups, each with their own classroom environment.

Take an online course together

Why also Studio-Mikado?

What we still offer

Advice and strategy

With our small but highly experienced team, we can proudly claim that we master the many facets needed to develop a successful online project.

Attractive prices

We are happy to give starting entrepreneurs or non-profits from Belgium a boost with our attractive prices.


How is your current website performing? What potential are you missing out on? What are the quick-wins and long-term solutions to attract more customers?

Do you want to sell more online or digitize your work environment?

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