Webshop solutions: Your key to digital success

Your own webshop ensures that your customers can purchase your products from anywhere and at any time. How do you start? How do you optimize with the right technology?

Why a good webshop is essential for your company

Selling online offers many possibilities. In today's digital world, customers are increasingly looking for online shopping experiences that are both convenient and efficient. A well-designed webshop can offer your company numerous advantages:

There is no closing time. This means that you as an entrepreneur can generate turnover at any time of the day. Your customer can also shop at any time of the day, when it suits them.

Going online means you have access to a global customer base instead of just local shoppers. Your customer can also purchase your products from anywhere in the world. Does he prefer to buy via your webshop? Top! He prefers to buy via Amazon? That is certainly possible.

Expand your potential by taking steps online.

start an online store

Everything you need to sell online.

Every customer is unique.
Every store is unique.

Challenges and questions when starting and improving their webshop

What questions do our customers ask?

Efficient management

How do we ensure that we can minimize the time investment in managing an online webshop? How can we achieve efficient inventory and product management across multiple channels? How can we manage our webshop independently?

Customer interaction and retention

“How do I ensure that customers keep coming back? How do I provide seamless and memorable customer service?” Cultivating loyalty and building a community around my brand is a constant learning process. How can we optimize our marketing and communication efforts?

Wide reach

How do we ensure that we have the largest possible reach? How can we benefit from the efforts of online marketplaces such as bol.com and amazon?

E-commerce technology

Technology that can help you move forward

Every time I come across a new platform or tool, I ask myself, “Is this the right platform for my products and customers? Can I manage and scale it in the long term?” The landscape of e-commerce platforms and tools is vast and confusing.

We choose the right technologies together with you and optimize to your needs.

Akaneo PIM
Control your product information

A central hub where you can effortlessly manage all your product data. The freedom to quickly and easily add or change products. The certainty that your customers always see the most current and correct information, regardless of the channel on which they shop.

Discover Akaneo PIM

Sell on online marketplaces

Make multichannel selling easy. Add new sales platforms with just a few clicks. Centralize your sales strategies and advertising campaigns from one clear dashboard. Save time and effort by automating product feeds to different marketplaces.

Discover Channable

Your own webshop completely in your own hands

A flexible and user-friendly solution for starters. Lots of expansion opportunities for growth. Seamless integration with your WordPress site.

For in-depth customization

If you are looking for a robust, scalable solution, look to Magento: Create an online store that grows with your ambitions. Take advantage of comprehensive SEO, management and marketing tools. The platform is flexible enough for both small start-ups and established multinationals.

Discover Magento

Mikado Team behind the scenes

Strategic and Technical Support

We don't just build your solution.
Our experts are happy to advise strategically on how to grow your organization and member portal.

Our support as a partner

Our Online store services

We start by not only looking at the site together with the customer, but at the entire company behind the site. This gives us a broader picture of what is needed and what can make a difference. Then we walk a long way after delivery to unlock all your online potential. For this we have the following services.

Your e-commerce doctor

Immediately audit we identify where there are opportunities in your online sales. You will receive a list of improvement points that you can immediately implement and investments that can make a difference.

Your online marketer

Getting people to your site is not easy. Is your site not found? We doctor you marketing strategy out with you. In this way we will maximize communication and marketing efforts.

Your advisor

We advise what is best for you. No software works equally well for all scenarios. If our services or tools are not a good fit, we will always help you in your search for another partner!

Your online trainer

Sometimes there is nothing wrong with the tools, but the people in your team lack the necessary knowledge to continue building themselves. Getting your team up to speed is our top priority.

Your digital architect

Together with your team we determine what your objectives are and which ones behind the scenes processes should come from online sales. Based on that information, we get to work and create an approach that fully meets the needs of your company.

Ready to take steps with your webshop?

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