Efficient international online sales: Rubio Monocoat webshop

Flexible, International e-commerce platform built in Magento 2. Ideal for selling in different countries. All management under the same roof.



Selling internationally online becomes child's play

Easily and efficiently sell the products from your webshop in multiple countries? There are different expectations per country in terms of language, rules and specifications. This requires some thought to ensure that the process runs optimally. If you don't handle this properly, you will lose a lot of time in processing between the platforms

We started working with this question to provide an optimal experience for Rubio Monocoat. Discover all about it in this case.

In this case
About the customer

Rubio Monocoat webshop

Rubio Monocoat is a Belgian producer and distributor of sustainable and environmentally friendly finishes for wood. 

The company is known for its unique one-component oil finish that protects against moisture, dirt and discoloration, and gives a natural look to wood. Rubio Monocoat focuses on consumers and professionals in the furniture and interior design industry and offers products for wooden floors, furniture and interior woodwork. 

Innovative and sustainable products that are easy to use and meet the highest quality and environmental standards.


"Offering our products internationally is no longer a challenge for our webshop"

Our approach

Optimize your webshop for international online sales

Bee Adobe Open Source Store (Magento 2). internationalization is no longer a challenge. In this case we have met just one installation 9 unique webshops rolled out in different countries and regions. Thanks to the flexible structure of Adobe Open Source webshop each product can be adjusted per country, including availability and prices. This means you are always assured of an optimal customer experience.

Easily reach customers in other languages

But that's not all. The webshop is available in more than 14 different languages to visit. This reaches a wider audience and allows you to maintain an even closer bond with your international customers. Whether you want to offer your webshop in Dutch, French, German or another language, we make it possible. Take advantage of the internationalization now Adobe Open Source Store (Magento 2) and increase your reach and customer satisfaction!

From analysis to end product

We'll give you a preview of what it will look like

During the analysis phase wireframes developed and we were able to determine the essential elements of the pages without the distraction of colors, photos and texts. Describe the technical actions to optimize the flow of sales and then put everything into a design that matches the corporate identity.

Smart use of technology for selling your products online

Rubio Monocoat already used one PIM system which we have linked to the Adobe Open Source webshop (Magento 2). This allows the products to be enriched centrally and the shop was quickly filled with the products. 

The link with Microsoft Business Central ensures that customer data and orders are automatically processed and synchronized to all platforms. This saves a lot of time by setting this up fully automatically.

The power of a Multistore

Via a multi website, multi store The products can be used via the same installation Adobe Open Source webshop are offered through the various websites. For example, there is its own webshop per country. The great added value is that depending on the website, the products and the price can be determined. Every website also has its own landing pages, different languages & country-specific settings such as VAT rules, shipping and payment methods. 

Partly due to the power of Adobe Open Source, we can add unlimited new websites and expand to other countries. 


Technology used for online sales


Scalable e-commerce platform as the basis


Link for product data with Pimcore


Microsoft Business Central as ERP

Would you also like to easily offer the products from your webshop internationally?

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