Our approach


We get to know you, listen to your story and what you need. It is an open conversation in which we gain more insight into your expectations and give you an idea of which solution or method we will choose.

We can then already make a rough sketch of what budget and what planning you can expect



With all the information we have collected, we will start laying the foundations for your project. We refine the needs and goals of the project and prioritize. In this way we create a document that describes in detail how the project will work and why it should be done that way. With this method we also ensure that the future plans are also given a place.

This not only gives us a clear scope and planning, but also a global strategy and direction for the future .

Visualize & Design

Just like building a house, you need plans, these plans primarily determine the layout, navigation and structure of the website: where do you want the information of your product, do you want an extra video, do you need extra data? in the customer area,…

We immerse this prototype in the creative vessel of our designers. All elements are visually worked out down to the last detail so that you know exactly what the end result will look like.



Now the real work begins, based on previous steps, our development team knows where and how each element should be placed. This way every detail can be developed as it should be. During this step, we will also continue to inform you about the status of your project and take care of the guidance of your team.  


Take off

After we have provided everything with the correct color, the correct actions and have carried out the necessary tests together with you, we can prepare for take-off. 

We provide the necessary training and process your latest feedback.



Hooray! Yes everyone can know the project is live.

But we don't stop there yet. We will continue to support you with our knowledge and with professional advice to ensure that your project continues to grow.  

We remain there for you because we want to be proud of your story. 

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