Practical Seminars

Digitize the user experience for online management of seminars and courses for both customers and employees.

Kenneth Bonte

Kenneth Bonte

Ecommerce architect
About the customer

Practicali seminar website

Practicali organizes tax courses on accounting, direct and indirect taxation.

In addition, they also offer day seminars and thorough multi-day training.
Practicali also stands for fiscal books, calculation tools, syllabi,…

They wanted to renew their old website and improve services by migrating 
to a new e-commerce platform (Magento 2).

Our approach

Customer user experience

Easier registration & registration

Accounting firms are able to register their employees for various seminars. A master account can register employees and assign rights in order to simplify the registration procedure.

Self-service environment for customers

Customers can access via their own account to all data related to the seminars followed. In addition to matters such as general data, address information and order history, calculation tools and syllabi can be consulted, recordings of the seminars attended and tax certificates can be requested. 

Digitize the workflow

Automate the administration

Connection with Exact Online was provided for orders, credit memos and customers. No more administrative hassle due to this fully automated process.

The administrative part of the seminars is completely taken care of by the system. 

Participant lists, attendance lists, automatic reminder e-mails, ... all processes are fully managed by the Magento 2 platform.


Flawless migration

First became one migration with all data from the former Magento 1 platform. Here, extra attention was paid to the migration of the tools and recordings linked to the customers.


technology used


Scalable e-commerce platform as the basis


Synchronization of orders, credit memos and customers with accounting package


Link to the practice-oriented tax database.


Newsletter subscriptions are automatically forwarded to Campaign monitor



Practicali offers their clients the opportunity to participate in tax courses on a lot simple and clear way. 

One can register and pay through an online platform and get through their profile access to their training records and relevant information, such as syllabi and calculation tools.

Practicali can grow! Practicali's employees don't have to worry about administrative tasks, since everything processed automatically is or can be managed by the customers themselves. There will be more free time for improving services.

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