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We started working on the website. We ensured an optimal user experience, both for visitors and for people who had to work with it.



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The experience of the users and visitors of your webshop and website is central

User experience of your visitors

Your website is your calling card. People often come into contact with your brand, your product or the services you offer there for the first time.

Then you naturally want the user experience of your visitors to be as optimal as possible. A logical path for their questions and challenges. If we can also find the answers in the right places. To completely persuade them to make a purchase if they are convinced of your added value.

Optimal experience, also for the people who have to work with it

In addition, a user experience by your own people internally is very important. How can you make adjustments to the website independently and easily? This without having to constantly contact external companies for implementation. How can you quickly and easily optimize the reach of your website?

We started working with Marie from with these questions. We would like to tell you how we worked in this case.

In this case:
About the customer

A webshop with personality

We are delighted to be part of the success story of Our inspiring client who has shown how creativity and entrepreneurship can go hand in hand can have a positive impact on people's lives. Marie Van den Broeck, the founder of My Add On, is a problem solver, a believer and a passionate entrepreneur who has already received many company awards for her products.

My AddOn is a unique web shop which specializes in improving crutches, wheelchairs and rollators by means of 'addons'. These addons not only have an attractive design, but also offer simple and convenient solutions for specific needs.

improve user experience of your website
Our web strategy

Extend the brand image to the website

When Marie approached Studio-Mikado for the development of her website, it was clear that the design had to reflect the essence of My Add On. Together with their talented in-house designer, Yne, we created an extremely beautiful website and got to work. Together we have created a webshop that emphasizes the innovative and practical nature of My Add On products.

The strings in your own hands

Thanks to its user-friendly WordPress management system Yne quickly set to work herself to use our built parts to further develop the website. So we all worked closely with Marie around her brand identity to translate into a website that offered a perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality and user-friendliness. Optimal combination between independence and aesthetics.



A pleasant experience for the visitor website immediately radiates the unique characteristics of the products. The use of vibrant colors, attractive visuals and intuitive navigation captures visitors' attention and makes it easy to browse the range of addons.

 Each product is presented with detailed descriptions, clear images and helpful videos to help potential customers make an informed choice.

In addition, an informative blog section has been added where Marie shares her expertise and passion for improving mobility.

Products that show who YOU are!


Myaddon is an inspiring success story. It is a webshop that presents My Add On's innovative products in a visually appealing and functional way, improving the lives of people with reduced mobility.

We are proud to have contributed to the success of Marie Van den Broeck and Yne Van De Mergel, and we look forward to future projects in which we can support other entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams.

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