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Our 1 on 1 approach to acquisitions ensures a fast, efficient and budget-friendly transition.

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How do we proceed with an acquisition?

  • We will put you in touch with one of our experts as soon as possible.
  • He listens to your story.
  • You get a crystal clear first honest evaluation of the situation.
  • You will receive clear next steps to continue. 
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It clicks between us?

These are the first steps:

Working on your e-commerce solution

Usability, SEO and technical audit

We go through the code and check whether the best practices are being used in terms of performance, SEO, security, ... and draw up a plan to solve these technical defects. It is important to get the basics right here. You don't build a house on bad foundations.

Takeover of maintenance and safety

We work the fastest in an environment we know well. We transfer the website to our specialized hosting.  

Additional monitoring is also being set up.

From then on we follow up and ensure that the site remains up-to-date and secure.

Further development

Once the basis is in place, we map together what possible points for improvement are in function of SEO, conversion, UX, performance, ... and together we draw up the roadmap of the project.

The road map

The roadmap is clear, the timing is in your hands. We are now available to help the site grow at your pace.

We will continue to monitor and adjust the site to ensure it continues to meet user needs and to ensure that the site continues to grow and continue to be successful.



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