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More conversion on our website, how do we approach that?

Conversion (or conversion rate) is a concept used in online marketing. Conversion refers to the percentage of visitors who complete a transaction. The transaction can involve an accessible action such as subscribing to a newsletter. Slightly higher, from registering for an event. Or purchasing a product or service.

You have to approach that in a good way. You have to think strategically for this, and there are simply some elements that work better in conversion on your website.

This is how we helped Donorinfo to achieve more conversion on their website. Discover how we tackled this in this case.

In this case:
About the customer

Help! Donor info doesn't catch on...

What exactly does donor info do?

Since 2005, Donorinfo publishes on their website the detailed financial information of charities that have been audited by an independent body.

With this transparency they want to help potential donors to make a donation with confidence to an organization that suits them.

But the site didn't work...

…what has been happening for years on their website full of details and financial tables? Right, most visitors click away very quickly. Our first audit of showed that 75% of visitors did not click through to the next page and the average visit was less than one minute. With figures like that you have to go back to the drawing board. 

Conversion on our website
Our web strategy

Improving conversion on your website starts with a clear digital strategy

When rebuilding a website, it is important to ensure an effective strategy with a focus on conversion. Our assignment was to ensure a well-thought-out strategy and a pleasant user experience that can interest and engage visitors.

The user is central for optimal conversion

We do not build the website for our customer, but for its target audience. The website must above all work for the visitors, so it is important to understand who the target group is and what drives them.

On the basis of existing personas and some workshops we have gained a better understanding of them behavior and motivations. Together with the information from the audit, we got a better idea of what the site should look like so that it better meets the needs of the target group and encourages them to donate.

The 'why' of the customer/visitor and the organization

It's important to understand Why visitors visit the website, but it is equally important to understand Why the organization developed the website. By connecting these two whys together, you can develop a website that serves both parties. This ensures an optimal experience for the visitor and increases the chance of conversion for the organization.


less manual work in administration thanks to your website

The role of the site in the visitor's donor journey

The most important insight was understanding how the site fits into the donation journey of the visitor. is only an intermediate step for the visitor in his entire journey towards his goal. 

The visitor uses the information on the site to be convinced in their decision-making process. The detail of financial information is just one of the many reasons people choose an organization. 

The focus of the site had to be more on what the organization does to convince the potential donor.

The result in numbers

Donor info gets its place in the donor journey

A year after the launch, we are given the opportunity to re-audit the figures to gain insight into how the new website is doing. 

It became clear very quickly: People come in clearly looking. The site guides the visitor further and eventually they click through to the donation page of an organization!

The annual figures speak for themselves

0 +
0 +
Referrals for donation
0 X
More active users on the site
Other improvements
Clear what donor info stands for

On the new site it is immediately clear what the purpose of the website is and what the site can mean for the visitor.

Which charity is right for me?

The new search wizard on the website is an alternative user-friendly and mobile-friendly way to find an organization that suits you.

Organization manage their own pages

The presentation is entirely in the hands of the organizations presented on the site. This results in less administration for donor info and better organization pages.

Number and statistics with Matomo!

Donorinfo replaced Analytics with Matomo, the ethical alternative where you don't have to do privacy sacrifices or compromise your site. Not only that, it is a much more user-friendly alternative for the average web admin than the new Google Analytics!

The user is central


The key to improving conversion on your website and creating optimal digital experiences is putting the user at the center in everything you do. By putting their needs first and using data and technology to inform our decisions, we've been able to create digital experiences that really stand out and work in today's busy online landscape.

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